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Pinalim Te

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Pinalim Pineapple Diet Tea is an all natural detox tea made with premium high-quality ingredients to give you results within the first few uses. Used daily at night, Pinalim contains decaffeinated Green Tea, Red Tea and White Tea to help detox and cleanse your body in a safe and natural way. Te Pinalim can help keep you regular and may assist in your weight control efforts. Every box contains a 30 day supply of this delicious tea with it's sweet Pineapple flavor and powerful antioxidant blend. Easy to use, Pinalim can become a part of your Every day well-being routine. Espanol: El Te Pinalim de GN+Vida es parte de la Dieta de Pina completa para apoyar al control de peso y limpieza de toxinas en nuestro cuerpo. Con ingredientes 100% naturales y facil de usar, el Te de Pina Pinalim se usa solo 1 vez al dia por la noche para resultados desde la primer caja. Pinalim Tea - All Natural Pineapple Detox Tea 30 Day Supply: Enhanced with Green Tea, Red Tea and White Tea Extra strength for Fast Results - Use only Once per day at night Delicious Pineapple Flavor - Has No caffeine! Te Pinalim de GN+Vida el Orignal Te de Pina para 30 Dias de Uso: Ingredientes 100% Naturales y sin Caffeina Extra Fuerte - Resultados desde la primer caja usandolo 1 vez al dia. Contiene Te Verde, Te Rojo y Te Blanco para aun mas Beneficios